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18 Jul 2018
School Fees for 2019


1.    One-off non-refundable registration fee for Bubs to Windsor: Rs 12,000 or Rs 9,000 for second sibling or beyond, payable upon registration.




2.      Annual resource fee for 2019: Rs 7,000 payable by 30th November 2018




3.      Termly Tuition / Care Fees for 2019:


In Rupees

Termly Payment

(3 terms per year)

Monthly equivalent of the Termly Payment (illustrative purposes only)

BUBS 12months+ (9am to 4pm)



TOTS-WINDSOR (9am to 2pm)



PRIMARY (8.30am to 3pm)



Before School (7.30am to 8.15am)



After-School (2.30pm to 4pm)*



After-School (4pm to 5.30pm)



Non-Mauritian Additional Fee




*The After-School fee until 4pm is compulsory for Dukesbridge Trianon, North, Port-Louis and Helvetia campuses to account for the higher rental of the infrastructure.




4.     Mode of Payment: standing order only – no cash payment or cheque accepted




5.     Frequency of payment:


Deadline to pay Annual resource fee: 30th November of the previous year


Deadline to pay Term 1 fees: 23rd December of the previous year


Deadline to pay Term 2 fees: Last Thursday of Easter holiday break (April)


Deadline to pay Term 3 fees: 4th August





28 Jun 2018
End of Term 2 Memo - 27th June 2018

Parent-Teacher Interviews (PTI)


At the end of each term, parents book a 15 min slot with their child’s teacher to go through the work done in class and discuss performance and progress.  This term, our PTIs will be as follows:


Monday 9th July 2018 (between 9am and 2pm) at the North campus for our North parents;


Friday 6th July 2018 (between 9am and 4.45pm) at our Trianon campus for parents of all other campuses.


Please note that school will be closed to students on the day of PTI for the respective campuses.





You are kindly requested to book your PTI slot and answer a few questions in the online 'Feedback before PTI' using the following link: 



This will help focus the PTI conversations and make them more tailored, on point and effective.



End-of-Term – 13th July 2018


Our end-of-term party will be held on Friday 13th July, the last day of Term 2. As usual, children are advised to dress up in the theme they have been working on this term (except for TOTS who can come dressed in any outfit), it will be a bring-and-share party and school will finish at 11am.


Each term, we have a number of awards given to the best teachers at Dukesbridge to motivate them to excel; one of these awards is a Parents' Choice Award. After each PTI, parents rate their child's teacher based on a couple of criteria and the teacher with the highest score wins the award for this term. For Term 2 last year, parents generously contributed towards a beauty care hamper and we would like to do the same for this year. You may send it with your child next week with a clear label "For Hamper" on it. The winner of the prize will be announced on the last day of Term.



Winter Holiday


Our Winter Holiday Club will run from Tuesday 17th July until Thursday 9th August (Rs2,400 per fortnight).  For a full schedule and sign-up form, please indicate on the Feedback BEFORE PTI form.



The third term will start on Monday 13th August 2018.

13 Jun 2018
Dukesbridge Games 2018 - FAQ

Q1. When and where is the Dukesbridge Games 2018 being held?

The event will take place on Friday 29th June 2018 at Sir Gaetan Duval Stadium, located behind the Rose-Hill market. Parents are advised to get there at 9.45am for a 10am kick-off. 



Q2. Will the event still go ahead if it rains on that day?

Yes. The children have been practising their races for over a month. Each child should be wearing the Dukesbridge cap to provide some extra protection from rain or sun. Furthermore, we would ask that parents provide a clear, transparent raincoat in case it rains.


Q3. How many people can I invite to the event?

We expect the stadium to be packed, we would ask to keep guests to 2 per child. You and your guests are strongly encouraged to dress in the colour of your child’s campus to show support (Vacoas – blue, Moka and Helvetia – green, Curepipe – fuschia/burgundy, Port-Louis – yellow, Trianon - red andNorth - teal). The Host Team dressed in Dukesbridge Volunteer shirts will show you to areas assigned to parents from each campus. Please bring drinks and snacks for yourselves. Kindly do not to do anything to attract the attention of children (such as waving) while they are on the tarmac as, in our experience, this may make them uncomfortable, emotional or upset that they are separated from you.


Q4. Can I take my child directly to the Stadium?

No, all the kids participating in the races this year will have to be dropped off at school between 7.30am and 8am on the day. The staff will accompany the children in a bus to the stadium. In the past, children who have travelled with their parents to the venue ended up crying when separated at the stadium itself. This has resulted in other kids being upset and affected their performance. For this reason, if your child is not at school in the morning to go to the stadium by the school bus, he or she will not be allowed on the tracks.


Q5. Will the school vans operate on that day?

As most school vans usually arrive at school after 8.30am, we would recommend that parents personally drop their kids off to school that morning to ensure they do not miss the bus to the stadium. To ease the traffic in and out of our school car park on the day, a few members of our staff will be there to help get your child out of the car seat so that you can remain in your car.


Q6. Can I still send my child if I cannot make it to the event?

Yes, as long as you let us know well in advance who will be collecting your child at the end of the event. Please note that there will be no transport back to the school campus which will be closed on that day.


Q7. Will the school be providing food/refreshments?

Parents are advised that children should have breakfast before they come to school and not to bring their bag in the morning (except for nappies), but only a disposable bottle of water. The school will provide a light lunch to the children in between the races and will reunite with parents before noon. Parents may bring snacks with them to give to their child at this point.  


Q8. What should my child wear on that day?

Children should come to school already dressed in their Dukesbridge t-shirt (to be distributed in the last week prior to the event), plain white shorts, white socks, sports shoes, the Dukesbridge cap and a clear raincoat. For extra warmth, children may wear a plain white layer underneath the Dukesbridge t-shirt, however it has to be strictly white. Children without the appropriate dress code will not be participating.


Q9. Can I collect my child straight after his/her race?

No, you will not be reunited with your child until the end of the event at around noon. Any request for an earlier release of your child will be denied as this will cause significant disruption to the schedule, inconvenience to the staff and unfairness to the children who have yet to participate in their races. There only two exceptions to this rule: (i) if you hear a PA announcement asking you to come collect your child in the event he/she is sick or crying uncontrollably, or (ii) if your child is in the TOTS class. Children in the TOTS classes will race first off and each campus will have a designated Parent-Volunteer who will facilitate the return of the children to their parents straight after.


Q10. Can I come comfort my child if I see him/her cry on the tarmac?

No, parents will not be allowed to come down to the tarmac during the course of the event as this would inevitably make others want to go to their parents and disrupt the flow. For some kids, it will be their first time performing in front of a big audience and although the staff will have prepared them for it, it is difficult to predict their reaction on the day. If you see your child cry or get upset on the tarmac, please be reassured that it is not uncommon and the staff will look after them. Should you need to pass on any message to the teachers, please liaise with the designated Parent-Volunteer for your campus who will be in the front row of your section of the stalls.


Q11. Will I be allowed to check on my child inside the athletes’ rooms (“vestiaires”)?

No, parents will not be allowed inside the athletes’ rooms unless you hear a PA announcement asking you to come collect your child. Such announcement will be made in the exceptional event that your child is crying uncontrollably and/or is unwell.


Q12. Will there be first aid assistance in case of an incident?

Yes, while we do not anticipate any major incident, we have a volunteer team of medical professionals.


Q13. What if I feel that my child is being unfairly disqualified or that the referees are wrong?

We have a dedicated team of volunteers responsible for deciding who wins the gold, silver and bronze medals in tight finishes. Despite their best efforts, it can happen that your observation will differ from theirs. However, we kindly ask parents to refrain from showing any kind of aggressive behaviour and making inappropriate remarks, and to respect the verdict of the referees which will be final. Our Sports Day is carried out in a spirit of fun with a focus on celebrating even the slightest participation from a child.


Q14. Isn’t the area around the Rose-Hill stadium currently a construction site and difficult for access and parking?

Yes, and we would encourage parents to allow ample time to get to the stadium. We would also encourage parents to car pool or use public transport where appropriate. We are grateful to the Quran House for allowing parents to use their parking lot behind the stadium on that day. Parents may also find off-street parking in the residential areas located between Labourdonnais street and the stadium.


Q15. How can I get more information about the event?

Please note that you can follow some of the practice and communication by indicating your attendance to the Dukesbridge Games 2018 Event on our Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/dukesbridgeschool